· Tour accounting services for live performers
· Local tax issues
· Royalty tracking


· Residency (Nexus) tax planning
· Endorsement analysis
· Pre and Post draft financial goals

We will help you proactively identify risks to your financial plan. Identification of financial risks is only the first step. This step is followed by a remediation plan as well as implementation of procedures and controls to ensure that risks are properly managed going forward

We aim to prevent fraud, waste, abuse or negligence by performing services such as, but not limited to the following:
• Financial training and education
• Auditing financial records
• Conducting formal fraud investigations
• Assessing if actions of financial representatives comply with their contracts
• Cash flow forecasting
• Tax planning & strategy
• Budgeting

Business opportunities often come to our clients. Part of the role of the CFO is to help the client evaluate business opportunities for feasibility. This includes risk, pay back period of the initial investment as well as profit sharing on a go forward basis. Future revenue streams are a good way to diversify one’s business portfolio. We will calculate and confirm that all payments due to our clients are coming in.

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